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Time Machines:

A hardware label

The expression and embodiment of sound works as a stand-alone device engages the listener in ways that are not possible with other formats. By combining both the storage and playback in a singular machine, the content does not compete for the listener’s attention in the way it would if the content was to be accessed from personal devices like smartphones or digital file players. Because the format is computationally based, each work is unique and free to experiment with duration, resolution, channel count, and linearity, unconstrained by the specifications of any single physical or digital format.

Various Artists Drone Cinema 2015 Curated by Kim Cascone

The Drone Cinema Film Festival took place on March 27, 2015 at a venue called Vrijplaats in Leiden, Netherlands. The festival, produced by sound artist Kim Cascone, showcased cinematic representations of sound works in a style known as “drone”. The evening featured the screening of eight pieces with musical performances opening and closed the evening. Shortly after the festival, Kim contacted Time Machines to propose an audio-only release of extended mixes by the participating artists. 

“Drone Cinema 2015” is a hardware release curated and produced in collaboration with Kim Cascone that presents work by the eight drone artists featured in the Drone Cinema Film Festival. Each artist has produced a piece that is exactly one (1) hour in duration making the entire program material eight (8) hours long. Without intervention the release will play continuously, moving through each artist in turn. A single control knob allows the listener to navigate the separate pieces. Artist names and track titles are announced by radio host and DJ, Lady Eve.

Drone Cinema 2015 is intended to be connected to a HiFi audio system or powered speaker and left on to play continuously allowing a listener to live with the pieces. Using the navigation a listener may select individual tracks for a more focused or attended listening. 

Edition of 8

Darius Čiuta


Darius Ciuta's first release for "passive listening" and the first release from Time Machines. A 24 hour stereo audio work released on custom single board computer intended for continuous play over loudspeakers. First run, edition of 3. Available with USB DAC or Bluetooth speaker.

Running time: 24 hours

Audio encoding: Lossless stereo ALAC at 44kHz, 16bit

Single board computer: Raspberry Pi Model B+, custom software

USB DAC Edition: TI PCM2704 "Burr Brown" chip

Bluetooth Edition: Pre-paired JBL wireless speaker

Enclosure: American walnut, brass fittings

Produced by Time Machines

Introductory text by Kim Cascone